Individual Mandate & Employer Responsibility
In 2014 your employees will be required to carry a qualified health plan or pay a penalty. While no employer is required to pay premiums for employees, the workplace will still be the first place the working uninsured will seek information and help. There are direct and indirect benefits in 2014 to employers. HEMA and our partners are available to assist you in any way you decide to participate.

SHOP FFM Marketplace 
Tax Credit– Small employers making a contribution to SHOP Group Plans may be eligible for up to a 50% tax credit for premiums paid into the plan. This is the ONLY way to qualify for this tax credit in 2014.

Defined Contribution Multi Benefit Plans
Employees Choose from Group and/or Individual Health Plans
Employer Contribution can vary by class of employee
Employees eligible for federal premium tax credit and/or cost sharing credit can opt into FFM Marketplace
Employee benefit spending above employer contribution can result in employer tax savings using Section 125 deduction.

Worksite Counseling and Enrollment
HemaHelp.com offers secure access for employees to enter personal information necessary to determine federal subsidies such as spouse income.
Call Center Support for employees to complete enrollment due to absence or needing additional time than worksite appointment allows.
Professional, licensed , certified agents on site and on the phone to make sure FFM and non FFM options are understood by your employees.